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The range of Specialty qualifications currently on offer from PADI is extensive however here at South Yorkshire Diving Academy we concentrate on the ones most commonly asked for and which suit UK diving conditions the best.

Any of the Specialties below can be conducted inland or combined with a club dive trip. The RED SEA for instance. Also if you specifically require training in a specialty that is not listed below please contact us and we may still be able to arrange training for you in that department. Special price deals may apply to specialty course combinations. Be sure to Contact South Yorkshire Diving Academy for all the latest information. 

For information on specialty courses click the relevant link below

Aware Fish ID   Boat Diver   Deep Diver   Digital Underwater Photographer   DPV Diver

  Drift Diver   Dry Suit Diver   Enriched Air Diver  Emergency O2 Provider Equipment Specialty   Multilevel Diver

Navigation Diver   Night Diver   Peak Performance Buoyancy  RescuEAN  Search & Recovery Diver

SMB & Reel Specialty   Underwater Naturalist   Wreck Diver