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There are 3 main areas of learning for this particular course.

1.Knowledge Development

Taught in our on site classrooms or done at home using the CD Rom version. We will introduce you to the Theory behind this fascinating sport, and also introduce you to the equipment necessary to take part in a truly exhilarating experience. Or try the new PADI eLearning.

2.Pool sessions

Here you will become  familiarised with all the equipment needed to participate in diving. We will teach you all the necessary skills to enable you to participate safely and with confidence in this wonderful sport.

3.Open Water Dives

Over the space of two days, we will take you on 4 actual dives in a controlled environment.

During these dives you will demonstrate your mastery of the skills learnt during the pool sessions in an exciting new location.

Your course fee includes                                                 

  1. Diving Manual, Recreational Dive planner                                   

  2. Loan of all necessary equipment

  3. Theory sessions

  4. Pool sessions 

  5. Open water dives

  6. Certification card

Course scheduling & Theory sessions

The scheduling of all our courses is very flexible. The theory can be done at home if you opt for the CD Rom version. There is a multiple choice quiz at the end of each section to gauge your progression through the theory sections. Alternatively you can attend the theory sessions in our own classroom where a qualified member of staff will guide you through the videos and slides available, this will make learning fun and easy in a relaxed atmosphere. Following each session there is a multiple choice quiz of 10 questions. After the final session you will be given your final exam of 50 multiple choice questions. You need to pass the final exam in order to progress to open water. Alternatively try the new PADI eLearning.

Pool Time

Up to 5 hours of pool time is included in your course fee, if more time is required then it can be arranged for you quite easily.

Open Water dives

All our school and hire diving equipment is brand new and of the highest quality. We also take your level of comfort and hygiene very seriously indeed that is why all our open water training is conducted using DRY SUITS.As water temperatures in the UK are quite moderate even during the summer months we have taken the decision to train all our students in the safe use of dry suits.

On the days of your open water dives you will complete 2 dives per day. If it becomes necessary to abort a days diving due to non-attendance, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee. If it becomes necessary to abort a days diving because of weather conditions or other reasons beyond our control then NO extra charge will be incurred.

Other costs

On the days of your open water dives everyone including all staff members has to pay entrance fees. A member of staff will provide all students with instructions how to get to the dive site and we will meet you there on the day.

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